1. Can I bring my wife/husband/significant other?

No. The WOPT is an industry only event designed to be the premier meeting place for industry executives. Spouses detract from the intended environment and also exceed the spacing limits for many of the events. However, the Wednesday - Friday scheduling allows you to bring in your spouse on Friday and stay for an extended weekend.

2. How do I get an invitation?

Click on the Sponsors link to see if you have any associates at the Sponsor companies. If you do, simply contact them and ask for an invitation.

3. I don't know any of the sponsors, can I still go?

Yes, you have two options. If you would like to guarantee a spot, you may become an event sponsor. If you do not want to become a sponsor, you can be put on the waiting list. To become a sponsor or be placed on the waiting list, please contact Kurt Hartman at

4. How much money do I need to bring for the tournament?

Your fee is all inclusive and covers your entry into the main tournament. If you wish to participate in the 2nd chance tournament, please make sure to bring $300 for the buy‑in.

5. Can I book my own accommodations in Vegas and just play the tournament?

No. This is a package deal.

6. Are any of my activities (golf, spa, etc.) transferable?

No. Your name will be used for the booking.

7. Are golf club rentals included?


8. Can I request who I would like to golf with?

Yes, we will accommodate those requests as best we can.

9. Is transportation provided to and from the airport?

Yes, depending on your arrival time you will be picked up and brought back in a limousine or a sprinter. Sponsors are picked up and brought back in private limousines.

10. What if I have to cancel?

In order to avoid any cancellation charges, a registered player may replace himself/herself with another WOPT approved player. In order to effect a replacement, an official transfer form must be filled out with the Wynn|Encore Resort in compliance with Nevada State Gaming Law. Without a replacement player, any cancellation made prior to February 26, 2024 is subject to a $1,500 cancellation charge and any cancellations made after February 26, 2024 are non‑refundable.

11. What types of people attend this?

The event draws top level executives from every producing basin in the oil and gas industry.

12. Do you have to be good at Poker?

No. In 2007 two novices in their first ever poker game finished 3rd and 4th. The Poker is really secondary to a great couple days of business development and networking at the best hotel in Vegas. Not to mention, your poker cost is already included in the registration fee so you're not going to have to come out of pocket.

13. How do I extend my stay through the weekend?

After you register for the event, email Kurt Hartman at to assist you.

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