About Cornerstone

Cornerstone Acquisition & Management Company is the premier acquisition company for individuals and organizations that wish to liquidate their Royalty and Non-Operated Working Interests. Its strong institutional investor base, banking relationships, and non-promote model allow Cornerstone to pay a premium for these assets, and to close within as little as 5 days.

As a financial partner, Cornerstone looks to buy minority non-operated interests in established companies. If you are:

  • A high quality operator with significant experience developing and operating your core assets.
  • Not ready to sell your company because you still have more development to do.
  • Developed to the point where at least 60% of your proved reserves are PDP.
  • Not willing to sell your company because it is your life's work.
  • Interested in taking some money off of the table while times are good, but still want to maintain control of your company.
  • In need of a cash infusion, but leery of restrictive bank covenants and private equity partners that push for “liquidity” events.

Then Cornerstone may be a perfect partner. For more information on Cornerstone please visit our website: www.cornerstoneamc.com. If you would like us to bid on your properties or project, please contact Kurt Hartman below.


Kurt Hartman

Cornerstone Acquisition & Management Company, LLC
Director - Business Development
(858) 779-5804 Office
(619) 850-8270 Cell
(858) 759-5351 Fax

For US mail only:
Box 8049
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

For all other (fed ex):
16236 San Dieguito Road, Suite 4-23
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

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